Latest Deal Finds

I'm starting this page to post some of my latest Yard Sale/Thrift Store/E-Bay/Craigslist finds. This will consist of any collectible retro electronic/computer/video game gear and accessories. Through the years I've collected quite an assortment of software titles, and computer components that would be considered quite collectible, and many of the games fun to play. Like most retro collectors, I am always looking for the next greatest find. I'm always willing to let items go for a decent trade. I like Commodore the most as it is the main computer I grew up with, and am most fond of. Please shoot me a message or email if there is something you are looking for or would like to trade/sell out of your collection.

11/30/2010 - Found an Amiga 1080 monitor for free. The gentleman who gave it to me used the Amiga 20 years ago and still had the old monitor in his garage. This monitor has a unique history as it was the main model sold with the Amiga 1000 personal computer. On the same day I also picked up an Atari Jaguar complete in the box with several games including Doom (Complete in the box), and Aliens Vs. Predator (Complete in the box). These two games are hard to find and I got the whole setup for $75.

12/3/2010 -
The Three (3) Radio Shack catalogs (1979,1980,1981)
The Allied Electronics catalog from 1976
The Radio Shack Basic Computer Language Programming Manual
The Understanding Digital Electronics Book
The Computer Circuits For Experimenters Book
The Transistor Projects Volume 3 Book
The Realistic Guide to Police, Fire, and Aircraft Radio book
The Electronic Calculators book
(2) Commodore Software Catalogs and the TRS-80 Catalog (1983)
Some Atari computer games literature,program guides, and catalogs.

12/14/10 - Picked up an Apple IIC Plus with Apple Monitor (Green Screen) and all the cables for $50.00. It needs one key, but works great. Now on to find some software. It needs the Boot Rom disc to get started.

3/13/11- Wanted: Amiga 4000, Amiga CD32, and Commodore CDTV!!  If you have any of these hit me up.

Commodore SX-64 Executive Portable Computer