Saturday, May 21, 2011

May Meeting Highlights...Our 2nd official PSCUG club meeting!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our May meeting. Every meeting is getting better, and the Commodore projects and ideas are enriching. We had a few presentations that were filled with Commodore excitement and generated continual encouragement and improvement to the ever-growing Commodore community. For those who couldn't attend for whatever reason, you missed out. Club member, engineer, and significant Commodore community contributor Gene B brought his projector for us to watch Tron 2010, and show off some presentations. Thank you Gene! Thanks to those who traveled from great distances to attend the meeting. Here are some of the highlights from our May 15th meeting:

- GenCom64 presented GeoRam, GeoPublish, Wheels 128, and Maniac Mansion Gold running on the C64C with GeoRam. Download Maniac Mandion Gold here, Wheels 128 here, GeoPublish help here. Teenage Mutant Hero Heros game was demonstrated on the Educator 64.

- Gsteemso gave a presentation on his IEC Serial Commodore Bus extender which will be ready soon for use, and will have the capability to network Commodore computers. He also discussed the upcoming formation of a new retro-computer group.

Goog presented the EZFlash cartridge and the Comet64 modem using his Commodore SX-64 and WiFi. He also showed off the Tron game for the Commodore 64. For more information about his CommodoreServer and the Comet 64 modem please check out his website CommodoreServer.Com, and PDXCUG.Org. Goog also showed off an early German Commodore 64 production video on the projection screen! What a neat video of early C64 production. Just make sure you brush up on your German.

NightLord demonstrated the his graphics editor that would allow .gif and .jpeg images to be translated into images suitable for the C64 by color coordinating the images with 16 Color Pallet. He uses this to assist in his game and DemoScene creations.

Pinacolada gave an update on his TADA (Totally Awesome Dungeon Adventure) game that is a remake of the famous Land of Spur for the Apple II. For more information on his recent additions to the C64 remake, please check out his blog here

-Gene B showed off his latest YouTube video for his screen framework assembly and test rigging. To view the video click here

- Tron 2010 was shown on the projector with pizza and Stacy's homemade chocolate chip cookies to be devoured by everyone.

- An introduction and presentation to one of the earliest C64 computers the Educator 64.


     - Several Commodore machines and devices were shown off such as:
     - Commodore Amiga CD32 game console
     - Commodore 128DCR computer
     - Amiga 1080 and 1084S monitors
     - Commodore SX64 portable executive computer
     - Commodore Vic-1541 disk drive
     - Commodore 1581 disk drive
     - Commodore Educator 64 computer
     - Commodore 1530 datasette player
     - Commodore 64c computer with 1541c disk drive
     - Geos GeoRam

Our next meeting we will be continuing to dive into GeoPublish and be working on more fix-its for Commodore computer repairs and updates. Stay tuned.


  1. Thanks for the mention! Two minor typos — one, it’s Commodore “IEC” serial that my bus extender will extend, not IEEE-488 parallel; and two, the new retrocomputing group which will start meeting in June is not specific to Commodores, though they will be prominently present — they do after all form the majority of my own collection.

  2. You're welcome! Glad you had fun. Thank you for the update G. I've made the corrections.

  3. "significant Commodore community contributor Gene B" yeah, what has he actually done? ;)

  4. this is an arena to support one another G. Negativity not invited :)

  5. Wow G, not sure where that comment came from. Have you ever been to GeneB's house? Have you ever asked him any questions about repairing or modifying devices? He is a wealth of knowledge, and I have read his contributions such as his CF card reader in his 1541 on Lemon64. He also has a YouTube channel you should check out that may not necessarily be Commodore, but is a contributor to the engineering world. I have a link to his channel in the above blog post. I personally appreciate his contributions to help our club get going thus far. :)

  6. Who's the G who's complaining about Gene? It wasn't this G, who is gsteemso!

  7. I am a bit lost, as for some reason the blog only shows my name and that of whoever the insulting person is as long strings of hyphenated, alphanumeric line noise. I note that my line noise remains constant across posts though.

  8. It seems as though someone with a proxy block posted a stir the pot post. No worries.


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