Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June Meeting Highlights!

Thank you to all came out for our June PSCUG meeting. It was tons of fun, and some super pizza. Here are some of the highlights from this months meeting. Thank you to all who came out!

 - Goog showed his Stereo SID Board and played some stereo SID tunes

- A Comet64 in a clear cartridge case 

 - SX-64 with wifi access, using Easy Flash and V-1541

 - Vic-20 multi-game cartridge, showing Jungle Hunt

 - Used Group Zork chat on CommodoreServer
- Showed a Plus/4, along with software on cassette 

 - Gene and Pinacolada working on Land of Spur bug

 - Agent Friday's Enhancer 2000 disk drive
 - Yummy pizza provided by Farrelli's, courtesy of Nightlord

 - Used KipperBASIC and RR-NET to write simple chat messages on CommodoreServer's chat room
 - Nightlord working on his chat program for CommodoreServer (shown is a picture of his connection to the chat room along with the RR-NET chat program)
 - Agent Friday chatting back to both

 - Nightlord playing some Ghosts N Goblins on the C64

- Agent Friday demoing his 38.4K baud for the RS-232 port, and his circuit for testing

- This last pic is a game on the Plus/4... Petals of Doom!

A big thank you to Goog from PDXCUG.ORG for his huge contribution in making these meetings possible. Sign onto COMMODORESERVER.COM chat today!

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